The World of YS

As many of you know, the world of YS is crazy these days. Marko was let go, Z is splitting up the company and selling the events. I have decided to hold my thoughts a little longer. I know this is not like me as often I am a Fire, Ready, Aim kind of guy. All I will say at the moment is that I am extremely sad. The YS I gave my adult life to will be no more. I know this is not the end of YS, there will still be good resources published by Z. The new owners (who I can’t name yet but are good people involved in youth ministry) will still create really good conventions. It’s just that the YS I loved, the one I shared with Yac, Wayne and others and which has been fading over the last few years will be no more and to me that is sad. Life goes on, ministry goes on, God is good. I am sad to see it end but it’s my prayer that something new and exciting can result from all this and that is just the kind of thing God does.



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  1. Danny

    This all started with the Seriously Ridiculous theme. YS wanted to live it out.

  2. Tic, thank you for commenting on this time in youth ministry that for many of us just seems crazy. Having seen you for many years in the big room, it will be weird this year. Then when we hear about MarkO, we’re all going nuts and wanting to get to the bottom of this.
    I don’t know, for some reason, hearing from you, no matter how brief, helps.
    I speak as one of many who say, Thank you for serving! Your words of encouragement, and genuine care for Youth workers will be missed. May God bless you in all that you do. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you and MarkO. It will be great!

  3. Tic, I can’t imagine the restraint you’re showing right now. It’s gotta be frustrating.

    I’m just a huge fan of YS and it saddens me to see the changes happening. The reason YS was the go to spot for resources and had the trusted reputation in the youth ministry world that it enjoyed is because of contact points like Yac, you, Marko and so many others. Through the incredible ministry you guys gave to us through conventions, writings, goofy stuff, whatever – those contact points gave us a real sense that there was someone out there on our side, that understands us, that speaks the truths that we sometimes wish we could say – and had the trust to call us out where we needed to be called out on.

    It feels like the higher ups just don’t quite get the relevance and importance of all those things that on the surface might seem to be a drain on the bottom line, but in reality, were one of the main reasons why so many of us kept coming back to you guys in an industry crowded with youth ministry resources and companies.

    I still can’t wrap my mind around a convention without you and Marko rallying us!

    Although, the image of the two of you dancing in the cheerleader outfits is one I’ve prayed for release from for some time now …

  4. Thanks for sharing Tic. I appreciate all you have done for youth ministry and YS over the years. I really enjoyed getting to know you and see your passion/heart at the NYWC’s and I’ll miss that part of this year.

    Awaiting the “news” about what is next for YS.


  5. Thanks for sharing your perspective Tic. I’m looking forward to hearing the results of you being empty headed when you share your thoughts here.

  6. Thank you for your thoughts Tic. It’s sad to see YS broken up this way. I think one major thing needs to be brought to light after reading your blog. At the end of your thoughts…it reads.

    “Possibly related posts: Picking up Women on Halloween made simple.”

    Tic, without your thoughts on YS, i would have had no idea how to simply pick up a woman on halloween. Now, that problem has a simple solution. Thank you.

  7. Mike Atkinson


  8. Chris Renzelman

    Most of us love progress yet hate change. I’m sure glad that our God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In Him we have a rock to hold onto in the storm/s. Thanks Tic, for all your contributions in some great years….and even more to come in the years ahead! We just have to figure out what the heck is next….but God already knows….so we can relax and walk on staying close to Him! Know you have been in our prayers and will continue so during these days ahead. Trust you’ve been shortening your bucket list.

  9. Scott Stayton

    I have been so immersed in student ministry this year and the amazing things God is doing in the lives of our students SINCE DCLA that I didn’t even know about what happened with you and YS. I am blown away and so saddened! When I first walked away from a broadcast career to go into full-time youth ministry, YS literally allowed me to become a student pastor with a little bit of a clue. When Lisa and I got to work with you on one of the first Affirmation Teams, we fell more in love with you and Terri and the whole YS family. Since, it has been amazing how a person I only see and talk to once (or twice on DCLA years) a year has impacted me so profoundly. Many of the greatest God-stories of our Awesome God working in students’ lives are directly connected somehow to your impact and YS’ impact on my life and ministry, including all God is doing this year in our students. Wherever you land, I want to know and if it involves any kind of annual meetings, count me in brother. We love you guys and are praying for you and your family through this time!

  10. Mike

    THANK YOU! Thank you for investing in me (and tons of other youth pastors) thru the conventions year after year. You are a blessing!

  11. Your the man and I love you. I loved YS and it was a pleasure to get to work for you and with you.


  12. Brad Jones


    I actually have been a bit out of the loop and just read about the happenings at Zvan regarding YS.

    I was not able to attend YS this year and was planning to bring a team next year for the first time. The reason was simple. I wanted our youth workers to be encouraged by Tic and Marko. The landscape of youth ministry equipping isn’t the same today for me.

  13. Jennifer


    I attended the YS conference this past weekend and was told about how you will no longer be working with YS. I’m not a youth pastor; just a youth volunteer. I’m not even sure how to word what I want to say, but ever since I accepted Christ and became involved with YS events, you have been at every single one. It has been such a joy to know I would get to see you and experience God through you and be a recipient of all the hard work you would put into the events. I’m only 24, but just know the impact you have left behind is a profound one. I am excited for you and what is in store for your future. Thank you for all that you have done; you have helped to make all the difference, at least for me. Thank you.

  14. Chris Brooks

    Great restraint & maturity bro. Can’t wait to hear your full thoughts when you are ready. Miss ya!

  15. Todd Erickson

    First of all, to Jennifer, who said she was “just a youth volunteer” – please don’t ever say that again. As someone who has spent 20 years in volunteer and paid youth ministry, there is no “just” or “only” when it comes to youth volunteers. The simple fact is that youth ministry WOULD NOT HAPPEN without you people….so thank you!!!! =)

    Okay, on to your blog, Tic. I spent 12 years at a church in Minnesota as the youth pastor, and it’s now been five years since I left that position, and I’m now working with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. During those 12 years, I and some of my WONDERFUL volunteers attended five YS Conventions, and there is no way I can overstate this: they were the highlight of my year, as far as activities that didn’t involve students are concerned. Just reading your thoughts, and all the follow-up comments, brought back an amazing flood of memories from those fantastic experiences. They were so very instrumental in what we would do with our youth ministry, as well as me just getting personally refreshed and jazzed to keep pressing on. Since I left that job, I wondered if I would ever get back to a YS Convention, and now I realize that even if I do, it won’t be the same. I’m always careful not to tie my experiences into a person or a few individuals, since ministry is all about God at its core, but there is no question (go back and read all the comments again if you doubt it) that you, Yac and Marko were a HUGE part of that for all of us crazy, sleep-deprived, Mountain Dew-addicted weirdos. I will miss that greatly, and I simply wanted to say THANK YOU. If you have EVER doubted that your efforts were worth anything, stop doubting. =)

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