About me, what do you want to know about me? Well I am excruciatingly handsome with an exquisitely fine tuned body, a brilliant mind, extremely talented and very humble. I’m also ….um….prone to exaggerating or maybe even flat out lying.  OK the truth and nothing but the truth.  I am 59 and have been married to Terrie for 36 years and in case you are wondering, yes I married up way up. Terrie is beautiful, smart, fun, thoughtful, giving, spiritually deep, faithful, patient, and that just starts the list of her attributes.  The only thing you may say she lacks is good judgment, after all I tricked he into marrying me. Terrie is an RN involved in clinical research.  I have 3 great kids. My son Devin is 32 and married to Julie, who is a fantastic addition to our clan.  They live in Charlotte but right now they are living in Hong Kong for a season as Devin has a temporary assignment, I know cool. She is in sales and he works for Bank of America. So far I have not be able to talk the bank into canceling my mortgage because my son works for them. I have twin daughters Abby and Megan who are 30 and both public school teachers (we are all big fans of Christians being involved in the public school system). Abby is married to Eric (who is awesome) lives in Denver and teaches 4th grade. Megan lives here in the San Diego area and teaches high school and is head coach of the girl’s varsity basketball team at her school. My kids are awesome; they are fun, solid, smart, dedicated, very relational and yes they take after their mom.

For the past 34 years I have been involved at Youth Specialties. My time at YS ended when I was let go July of 2009 ,  I thought.  It is a long story chronicled in several of my post. I was rehired in January 2010 and now in May of 2011 I am leaving to become the Executive  Pastor of Journey Community Church in La Mesa (see “The Wild World of YS , Take Four” post. What an amazing ride it has been. I moved to San Diego from Seattle where I was working at Seattle Pacific University. I came in as a wild 25 year old knucklehead. I’m still a knucklehead just an older one. Never in my wildest dreams did I think God would allow me to serve students, youth workers and the church at YS for 34 years. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all I learned, how I have grown, for how  fortunate  I have been to lead and work with an amazing group of people, the people whom I have met all over the country who have influenced my faith and life, the experiences I’ve had ….the whole thing has just been freaking awesome. I was able to develop my leadership abilities, business skills and ministry gifts in ways I could have never imagined. I will always be indebted to Wayne Rice and Mike Yaconelli for taking a chance on a young inexperienced maverick. As Yac was so fond of saying What a Ride!

So now I get to start a new adventure. Becoming a rookie pastor at 59, go figure.

Some other “About” things: I love cooking, eating, the mountains, the beach, good wine, friends, talking and sometime listening, reading, movies, travel, dive restaurants , playing games and cards, the Chargers and even though they suck the Padres.


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  1. Garry Shriver

    I am blessed that I am Tic’s cousin. my only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to know Tic when we were kids. He is 3 years older an much wiser the I. Someday I hope to sit down and talk with my cousin and share some family history and stories. I’m not sure if I could handle with the grace he has of losing something he has been a part of for 32 years. I wish you nothing but the best, Tic. God has something special lined up for you, the hard part is not knowing what that is. You are always in my prayers.

  2. You are truly a renaissance man, my brother. As you wrap up this DC leg of the DCLA war machine, know that you have a brother chewin the carpet fer ya, so plow ahead!

  3. Leslie

    Love you Tic!

  4. Tic,

    Jase and I are sad that we missed your celebratory/goodbye party, by a hair! We got into San Diego from Denver on Sunday night. :/ YS truly lost it’s last greatest. We are still planning on sharing our praise and accolades of/for/with you…

    I’m stoked you started this blog! Take care and may God bless you (and Terrie and the kids) as you start this new adventure!

    jen (& jase) smith

  5. Tic,
    I am so saddened by the fact you are no longer at YS. I have been in the youth ministry for 10 years and still remember my first YS conference. I chatted with you about youth ministry and my struggles and you listened to me with such concern. Each year I looked forward to hearing you and Yac share and inspire us. The year Mike passed away I couldn’t bring myself to attend. This year I will miss your smiling face and inspiration.Thanks for caring about us youth pastors and being there for us. You are in my prayers.

  6. Jim Manker

    Tic, can’t believe all the changes at YS…I have soooo many great memories of being reminded by you and Yac of why living the missional life is the best. You are loved brother…and missed, even though we haven’t talked in years. The next time you are in Seattle visiting family, please look me up and I’ll buy you a cup of joe, or maybe even lunch.

  7. hey tic – it’s renee altson ….
    just wanted to send some love and friendship to you. thanks for always supporting me and for caring about me. it means more than you can possibly know. … i’m thinking about you a lot!

  8. Chad Jacobsen

    I have so many great memories of serving at YS Conventions! I learned so much from you about how to lead a volunteer team! I have stolen things that you did many times over the years as I have led my own volunteer leaders. You are a wonderful example of loving Jesus, loving people and always having more fun than humanly possible! Thank you for your impact on my life Tic! You are awesome brother!

  9. Mark Hunt

    Hey Tic,

    Your news is awesome. It brought sunshine to a gray January day in Michigan! Congratulations and best wishes. I hope our paths cross again some day.


  10. Robert Oglesby


    I just wanted to thank you for taking the mantle of leadership at the convention. The conference had the fun factor back again with you on the stage and your spirit helped us move from laughter to tears at just the right times. I am sorry we didn’t have more time to visit, but I’ll look forward to being with you in San Diego next year.

    Robert Oglesby
    Abilene Christian University

  11. rtblaisdell

    Tic, i have long been a fan of Youth Specailties. I applaude (spelling error?) you and whomever else had a hand in starting this ministry. God bless you Tic as you take on a new ministry at Journey Community Church. Grace and Peace.

  12. Roger Warner

    Well it is nice to know you still have a head on your shoulders…


  13. Grant Byrd

    Tic- thanks so much for encouraging me personally. You have blessed me. I appreciate your kindness and leadership.
    Praying for you and your family to keep lifting Him high.
    Love you,

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